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Abbie is My Spirit Animal


A Denver artist's blog of projects, misadventures and pinterest fails. Enjoy.

Abbie is My Spirit Animal

Cecile Elliott


I've been a fan of the show Broad City on Comedy Central from the beginning. I might have fallen in love with it during the hurricane episode in season 1.Those two are the epitome of friendship; someone who can take care of your actual shit has your back. This card will be coming to the store soon. Stay tuned, Queens. broad city doo doo ninja Next up, booth design for craft fairs. I've been trying to think of stuff that won't be too crafty. I feel like everything I've researched so far looks like those "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters and inspirational quotes painted on pallet wood. And I just can't. I. Just. Can't. So I'm trying to gather things slowly over time and fail miserably until it works. :)

I've been trying to remind myself that not everything has to be perfect and that putting anything out into the world is half the battle. I can make it better with time and practice. Working on networking and making likeminded friends who will be supportive and mentors through this whole crazy process is going to be the hard part. And I know I can do this. I just have to keep swimming.

Thanks friends,