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Architectural Record Excellence Awards 2015: Honorable Mention

Cecile Elliott

An ad that I created for Bison Innovative Products won an award! Well, honorable mention but still. Advertisers seen in Architectural Record, the premier magazine in the industry, in the first 3 issues of 2016, in print or online, qualified for the competition. The jury was comprised of architects representing the breadth of the profession - firms of all sizes working on projects from large-scale commercial to residential and interiors.


What was great about this ad was that we were trying something slightly different and it worked! It was a little bit more whimsical and less technical than the usual ads. With Bison decking products one of the challenges of displaying the products is showing the finished product in use by actual people. In this ad we were able to capture children at the Austin Girls School using the deck for a brainstorming session. 

Thank you to Architectural Record for this recognition!

Cecile Elliott