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Lunch and Learn Direct Mail

Cecile Elliott

This was a postcard that went out to promote the American Galvanizers Association in-person seminar program. During this seminar we provide free lunch which is a highlight to some firms. We were hoping the imagery would make them hungry to learn!

I Galvanize Because Ad Campaign

Cecile Elliott


This is one of the potential options for the 2013 advertising campaign for the American Galvanizers Association. The idea was to feature the people behind the projects and why they chose to galvanize their project and add a human element to an otherwise industrial process. I was involved in the creation of this ad from concept to completion which including calling the architect, getting a quote and his picture and incorporating them into the design.

Relax Campaign Hammock

Cecile Elliott

The relax campaign's message was to show that one shouldn't worry about a structure after it's galvanized, leaving room for more important things like lounging in a hammock, laying on the beach or getting a massage. This half page ad was placed into the magazine Modern Steel Construction. I worked closely with magazine staff to ensure a timely delivery of the ad and to ensure it conformed to the magazine's specifications