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Customized Homebrew 6-pack Label

Cecile Elliott

I live in Colorado, the capital of craft breweries. If you live here long enough you'll probably learn how to make it yourself. Which was the case with my husband and I. I was approached by another homebrewer who wanted some special labels for her husband's brews. Her only stipulation was that it have a golden retriever on it. As a golden lover myself, how could I say no? Here is the end result. Customized 6-pack homebrew label

Stannis Father's Day Card: #1 Dad

Cecile Elliott

This ended up being the fruits of my labor from my first day of self-employment. A Game of Thrones-inspired Stannis Father's Day card.Stannis #1 DadReally, it's good for any occasion you want to let him know that he's the man.

What do you want to see next, friends?


My First Day of Self-Employment

Cecile Elliott

So I finally pulled the trigger and committed to making One Creative Bird my full-time gig. After years of toying with the idea and doing cards and other creative ventures on the side, it was staring to become toostressful to have a full-time job and keep up with passions without letting one or the other slide off into oblivion. home office My first day of self-employment was productive! I mostly arranged my cards and my work space. I hung curtains (which we have been meaning to do for years) filed paperwork, cleaned out the closet to make way for envelopes, business cards and other office supplies. Not only that but I went to Jiffy Lube and had them reset the oil light that they neglected to reset when I had my oil changed around Halloween, picked up a turkey breast for Christmas dinner, cleaning supplies at Target, our hellhound's dog food at Petsmart, and vacuumed all the rugs in the house. And I got to do some personal growth tasks like practice Spanish vocabulary, take the beast for a walk and do yoga with Jeff.

The day really flew by and now that I have my workspace optimally set up, I can work on designs and scheme. Til next time cats and kittens :)


Abbie is My Spirit Animal

Cecile Elliott


I've been a fan of the show Broad City on Comedy Central from the beginning. I might have fallen in love with it during the hurricane episode in season 1.Those two are the epitome of friendship; someone who can take care of your actual shit has your back. This card will be coming to the store soon. Stay tuned, Queens. broad city doo doo ninja Next up, booth design for craft fairs. I've been trying to think of stuff that won't be too crafty. I feel like everything I've researched so far looks like those "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters and inspirational quotes painted on pallet wood. And I just can't. I. Just. Can't. So I'm trying to gather things slowly over time and fail miserably until it works. :)

I've been trying to remind myself that not everything has to be perfect and that putting anything out into the world is half the battle. I can make it better with time and practice. Working on networking and making likeminded friends who will be supportive and mentors through this whole crazy process is going to be the hard part. And I know I can do this. I just have to keep swimming.

Thanks friends,


Losing Steam

Cecile Elliott


Over the last few months I've really been trying to set attainable goals and work towards them and the it's been paying off. I've reached my inventory goal with card designs (and still have more to do) have set up a work space and updated this website to be card centric and be able to sell things through my site. It's felt great. Some of my other goals include getting a booth design together, create a whole sale price sheet and find some inspiring people to network with. I'm compiling a list of places to approach to distribute cards.

I've been trying to stay motivated by taking a few creative classes (a sculpture class and a pottery class) but it's proving to be hard to stay motivated with health issues and other things creeping in. It just feels like I don't have enough time to get everything I need done and need more time to myself and my business but I'm not sure how to do that yet. If someone figures it out, can you share the secret please? I have a couple new card designs arriving this weekend and I'm hoping to get a minute to photograph them and get them up on the store. Stay tuned cats and kittens.




Joffrey Always Gets Choked up at Weddings

Cecile Elliott


game-of-thrones-wedding-card-1A new Game of Thrones inspired card is here! For fans of the show, the Purple Wedding as it has come to be known was just as shocking as the Red Wedding. This card is perfect for any Game of Thrones couple getting ready to tie the knot. Only 7 more months until the new season. Way too long to wait.  

Available for sale in our shop and on Etsy now!

Orange is the New Black Greeting Cards? You Bet

Cecile Elliott

I've been working on a line of cards inspired  by the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Yesterday, I came up with this card which will be available for purchase in about a week: 12002772_873435616025234_3449729554236108212_n

I'm trying to think of other cards, I started a Trust No Bitch card and I think a card based around Space Admiral Rodcocker, Crazy Eye's erotic fan fiction, would be entertaining. Any other ideas, friends? I want to hear from you!


Welcome to the New One Creative Bird!

Cecile Elliott


Hey friends, This has been a long time coming, but I've finally decided to make the commitment to One Creative Bird. I've been wondering for years if I had what it takes to make my own business work and instead of waiting around to see if it will eventually happen, I have been setting goals and completing them, and making it a reality.

I have been building up an inventory of card designs after being uninspired for years. Because the only way to see if this card thing will work is to make new card designs and see if people like them. My goal over the next 10 weeks is to make one card design a week and get it off to the printer. I have also been tidying my office and gathering the supplies needed to ship and store cards professionally.

The printer that I get my cards professionally printed at just reduced their rates for greeting cards which makes experimenting with new concepts easier.

I've built a steady and loyal fan-base on Etsy and am hoping to expand that into my new site here.

I can't wait to see how this all comes together. :)