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Robocop Mural to Serve and Protect My Garage Door

Cecile Elliott


One of my art goals when I first quit my job and started OneCreativeBird was to do a mural on our garage door. The garage will eventually be an art studio and the mural was the first step in the conversion. 

The garage has a long way to go to become an art studio, including upgrading the electrical panel, but this has been by far my favorite upgrade I've done to the house. It was almost symbolic in some way, that I'm a legit artist now creating and putting things out into the world.

I added the hot pink bullet/graffiti splats using paint soaked toilet paper balls. Yes, similar to the water soaked toilet paper balls I used to throw at the outdoor pool bathroom walls in middle school. It created quite the mess in both regards.

We've had a couple neighbors comment how much they like it. It makes me happy every day I see it.